Wooden Shopfronts

Want to give your store a traditional look with timber shop fronts? You have come to the right place. At London Shop Fitter and Sign, we can deliver beautifully crafted wooden shop fronts for your business while adhering to the regulations of local authorities and council restrictions if it is in a conservation area. With our personalised wooden shop front solutions, you can give your store a warm and inviting appearance.

Our team has years of experience producing aesthetically pleasing timber shop fronts and installing them with proper attention to detail. If you want our experts to feature details resembling the art of particular historical periods, our team can also do that. Our skilled carpenters will do our best to ensure each design highlights your brand identity and style.

All the timber shop fronts manufactured by our team are made from hardwood. They are finished with the in-paint or varnish stain, lamination, and double glazing, per the client’s requirements. You can even customise designs with traditional features as per your preference. Hire our team today to install time shop fronts and give your store a unique and stylish appearance.


Advantage of Timber Shopfronts

Timber shopfronts are aesthetically pleasing whilst offering several advantages over their alternatives. At London Shop Fitter and Sign, we ensure you get the most out of those advantages when hiring our wooden shop front installation team. The shop fronts can help you highlight your brand identities while retaining the traditional look. However, if you are sceptical about getting a timber shop front, you need to check out all the benefits they offer.

Natural Aesthetics

Wooden shop fronts have natural aesthetics and a traditional feature that make your store more attractive to the crowd. Its traditional appearance and warmth give your customers a wonderful experience when they visit your store. You can easily stand out from the competition when you choose wooden shop fronts. You can enhance their appearance by having them hand painted.

Environmental Sustainability

Timber is sourced from nature, making it a sustainable option for your shop fronts. You can even recycle timber for other purposes. Also, the wooden shop front offers thermal insulation, which helps you keep your store warm during cold days. Our team also take sustainable measures while working on shop front solutions for clients.


Wooder shop fronts can be extremely versatile and fit your specific needs. Whether you need a wooden shopfront for commercial property or want to give your cafe a facelift with a timber shop front – you can find solutions for all your needs with our timber shopfront solutions. Our team can even design the shopfront for maximum functionality.

Tradition and Prestige

Solid timber shopfronts can give your store a traditional appearance and a welcoming feel. Just tell us what you need, whether it’s an 18th or 19th-century design, and we’ll carefully craft it by hand to match your vision perfectly.

Ease of Maintenance & Customization

Timber is a low-maintenance material. As long as you clean it regularly, it can last for decades. Also, it offers you plenty of customisation options. While sharing your wooden shop front requirements with our team, mention what kind of finish you want. If you have any specific design, our experts can replicate that for you.


Timber shop fronts are durable and long-lasting, capable of withstand harsh weather conditions. If you are worried about damages to the storefront due to rain or snow, you can tell that to our team. We will apply the sealant to ensure the timber is resistant to extreme weather conditions.


Embrace Tradition and Innovation with Our Timber Shopfronts

A shop front is the first thing that the customers see when they visit your store. With a traditional timber shop front, you can make quite an impression on your customers. With London Shop Fitter and Sign, you can get high-quality wooden shop front solutions that can significantly enhance your store’s overall appearance.

Our team has several years of experience delivering durable hardwood timber shop fronts per the client’s requirements. Our team is capable of meeting various business needs when it comes to shop fronts, whether it’s toughened glass shopfronts, timber shop fronts, shop front security doors, solid paneled doors, or aluminium shopfronts for commercial buildings. They have also worked on an extensive range of complex designs that make your store stand out in the market. We have the solution for you if you want a functional timber shop front that is the perfect mix of tradition and innovation.

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